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Prevents falling crutches

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Sore hands due to crutches finally a thing of the past!

Finally say goodbye to sore hands!

MySleeve's innovative gel cushion evenly distributes the pressure points of your hands, giving you unparalleled comfort and support. But that's not all - the mySleeve includes an integrated magnet that prevents your crutches from falling!

Prevents falling crutches!

The integrated magnet in mySleeve holds crutches together, prevents them from falling and makes it easy to pick them up without bending over.


Not suitable for anatomical crutch handles and children's crutches!

Please note, although mySleeve fits any standard crutch handle, it is not compatible with anatomical or children's crutches.


Product specifications

Product reference
Available colours
Subtle Black
Trendy Turquoise
Powerful Orange
Cheerful Yellow
Subtle Black: 5407008900304
Trendy Turquoise: 5407008900298
Powerful Orange: 5407008900311
Cheerful Yellow: 5407008900281

This is what our users say:

What a relief for the hands! Not to mention the handy magnets. Shopping with crutches is now feasible and less swearing if one does fall on the floor, which already happens less than without magnets. I can recommend it to everyone!

bought mySleeve

I bought both the MySleeve and the MyCover for my crutches and I am really so happy with them. Before, my hands were always in a lot of pain and my fingers cramped when I had to hold the handle of the crutch. The extra gel cushion in the MySleeve makes the handle thicker and softer to the touch, and also thanks to the material it is made of, it makes me experience much better grip. The pain is clearly much less than before. The only thing I do notice is that the handle now does attract dirt faster because it sticks to the rubber, but of course this is only something minor. Also, the magnets on the front of the handle are so handy! My crutches fall over less easily and I can also 'stick' them against the car (or anything else that works magnetically), for example, if I need to have my hands free for a moment. My crutches are now even more real aids.
Sore hands due to crutches finally a thing of the past!

bought mySleeve and myCover

I can put my crutches away easily
Sore hands due to crutches finally a thing of the past!

bought mySleeve

I have had the my sleeve on my smart-crutches for a month now and so happy with it. The grip ok with my splints is much more pleasant. And oh what a fan I am of the magnets in it. No more hassle if my keys or such drop. Sometimes I even stick them on purpose already, so I don't have to hold them between hand and crutch. Totally happy with it!

bought mySleeve

I bought the handle protectors at the Reva fair, along with the pretty covers. Not only are they much nicer now, but my hands hurt less! Really a top product! I can recommend it to anyone who walks with crutches!
Sore hands due to crutches finally a thing of the past!

bought mySleeve and myCover

My granny is super happy with her present! Now she can always deposit her crutches close to her. Also, the handles of the crutches feel super soft! This is definitely recommended!

bought mySleeve

A week after tearing my Achilles tendon, I was already able to use MySleeve. Actually, this solution should be standard with crutches for hire. It gives my crutches softer handles and a better grip, different support benefits thanks to the magnets and it looks hip too!

bought mySleeve

Je suis très contente des supports pour les mains sur mes béquilles, le mySleeve et tout le monde que je connais les trouve super. Marianne
Sore hands due to crutches finally a thing of the past!

bought mySleeve

Fantastic invention!
Due to severe rheumatism, I often have to use crutches. Unfortunately, my fingers are also often inflamed, which was very painful on the hard handles of my crutches. Now that is much better. What is also very nice is that I can put my crutches against the car without them falling all the time. You have found a fantastic solution for this :-D
Sore hands due to crutches finally a thing of the past!

bought mySleeve

einem weichen Erlebnis
Bei mir ist die MySleeve auch schnell angekommen. Sie sind ein echter Gewinn, ich hatte vorher alles mit Binden und Gewebe abzupolstern versucht, vergeblich. Heute haben wir die auch auf Omas Rollator gemacht, sie ist ebenfalls begeistert. Also brauchen wir noch ein Paar. Aufheben wird Sie damit zwar nichts aber der weichere Griff erspart ihr einb Karpaltunnelsyndrom. Ich bin zufrieden. 5 Sterne von mir und Oma auch
great anti-shock effect & useful magnets
This is amazing add-on for crutches. It needs a little bit skill to install it but instructions are pretty clear. Silicon gel has great anti-shock effect. It is very useful for 'operating' during walking with crutches. You don't have to worry where to put one crutch when You have to open the door or answer the call. Or just want to wash the hands in public toilet. Very useful when you park them beside the bed or chair. I give one star less because the magnets are not so strong and lifting of the one crutch with the other (from the floor) needs few attempts and some practice. Delivery was fast. Package is strong and safe.
Sore hands due to crutches finally a thing of the past!

bought mySleeve

Walking on pads
Where I used to have hand pain after walking a short distance, now it feels like I am walking on pads! Once fitted, they are really great!
Sore hands due to crutches finally a thing of the past!

bought mySleeve

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