An extra pair of hands to make your bed!


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No more duvet fights
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No more flying dust
No more back pain!
No more back pain

Key information at a glance

myBedMaker - help to change duvet cover

With the myBedMaker, making your bed has never been easier! This innovative and ergonomic set of two pieces acts like an extra pair of hands, holding each corner like a helpful partner. From the moment you're done, simply slide the attachments down and they disappear behind your bed, ready for next time.

✓ Easily make your bed

myBedMaker holds every corner of your duvet cover firmly in place, making your bed making a breeze. Change bedding on your own in seconds!

myBedMaker - holds corners of duvet in place like an extra pair of hands

✓ Invisible helper

As soon as you finish making your bed, simply slide myBedMaker behind your mattress and out of sight until you need it again!

myBedMaker - invisible helper to change bed

✓ Ergonomic design

The ergonomic design of myBedMaker ensures easy installation and use. Perfect for anyone struggling to make their bed!

  1. Slide up the white part of the myBedMaker,
  2. Place the duvet in the cover,
  3. Clamp both corners in the myBedMaker and pull the cover over the duvet.
myBedMaker - make your bed easily

✓ Great gift!

myBedMaker is an excellent and useful gift for parents, children or partners. Making the bed is no longer a source of frustration! It is also useful for people with house dust mite allergies.

myBedMaker - tool to change your sheets, gift idea

Product specifications

Black and white
19 cm x 25.5 cm x 13 cm

This is what our users say:

Very happy!!!
Very happy with my purchase at the Reva fair ! Immediately used in the evening !!! And making beds is never an impossible job again !!!

bought myBedMaker

Very handy!
+ invisible under mattress
+ Making an extra wide bed without help

Extremely handy product, I now make the duvet in 1 minute. Very easy, highly recommended.

bought myBedMaker

Great help!
I came across this by chance, didn't know such a thing existed. But it is a great tool, applying a clean duvet cover over your duvet just became a lot more pleasant. No more hassle I immediately mentioned this to my family and friends.

bought myBedMaker

Fast and well
Handy for just pulling a fitted sheet around a duvet + good quality + good size + fits perfectly

bought myBedMaker

Bought too late!
Washed the cover and waited for the courier to arrive. This is really easy. Made my bed without sore hands in 123. If only I had bought this years earlier.

bought myBedMaker

Top product!
A super good tool bought on the advice of my occupational therapist.It now allows me to change the cover independently without xtra effort. So highly recommended,super happy with it.

bought myBedMaker

Helpful help
Handy help, especially if you often have to make the bed alone. We have a duvet of 240cm x 220cm which is quite big as a small person of 1.58m to make up alone. Best is that the supports just stay under your mattress and it slides out when needed. So you don't have to store this continuously and you can't forget to use it. In addition, retracted invisible so doesn't interfere in any way and you can't fiddle with it at night, for example.

bought myBedMaker

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