CrossCare 2.0

A springboard for healthcare innovations

The CrossCare-initiative promotes and accelerates healthcare innovations and actively supports them. This project contributes to the evolution and implementation of new healthcare solutions (products, services, concepts) through a dedicated care trial garden environment. It also has a fund that can financially support healthcare innovation projects. CrossCare opens the door to realising healthcare innovations on a larger scale. As a cross-border initiative of Interreg Flanders-Netherlands it offers both practical and financial support. With eight care living labs in both Flanders and the Netherlands, CrossCare offers end users the opportunity to test and further develop care innovations.

CrossCare's first successful project (2016-2021) saw Flemish and Dutch care living labs support 30 care innovations. On 17 May 2023, Interreg Flanders-Netherlands approved the next phase, 'CrossCare 2.0'. This follow-up project will continue working over the next three years to facilitate the development and implementation of innovations in the care and welfare sector.

Companies and healthcare organisations developing innovative solutions can receive financial help from the 'CrossCare Innovation Fund', up to €100,000 per organisation. In addition, the care trial gardens, along both sides of the border, also support the selected organisations through the demonstrating, testing and evaluating innovations with end users. Those care trial gardens are specialising in co-creation and testing in real-life situations with healthcare users and professionals, and offer their expertise free of charge in this project.

Our project: myRamp

At My Add On, we are proud of our project myRamp, where we focus on developing the most compact and lightweight mobile ramp for active manual wheelchair users. Our target group consists of people who independent and want to be active and sufficient power have to operate their manual wheelchair by themselves. When out and about, they are often faced with inaccessible thresholds. According to them, current solutions are far too heavy and awkward to use independently. With myRamp, we aim to increase our users' autonomy and reduce fall risks. We contribute to a more inclusive society by enabling users to overcome inaccessible thresholds independently, giving them more control over their own mobility.

At My Add On it says listening to our users at the heart of the innovation process. This is why testing myRamp with the most widely used wheelchairs in Belgium and the Netherlands is an essential part of our R&D. The care trial gardens are an ideal partner in this, as they help us tailor our ramp perfectly to users' needs.

Cooperation with Dutch healthcare organisations is of great importance for the market launch of myRamp. Besides our ambition to grow in the Netherlands, we are pursuing a strategic partnership with a Dutch distributor to strengthen our presence there and adapt our products, including myRamp, to local market needs.

The obtaining reimbursement of bodies such as the RIZIV/VAPH in Belgium and similar organisations in the Netherlands is of great importance to our end-users. Therefore, our cross-border cooperation with the Care Trial Gardens essential. The valuable expertise and support of the Dutch healthcare organisations are indispensable for the successful commercialisation of myRamp. We are convinced that this synergy between our innovation and the expertise of the Dutch partners will contribute to the success of myRamp, and we are excited to build on this collaboration.