What do I gift our mum this year?

18 April 2021

Mother's Day

Every year we are given the impossible task of thanking our mums for all they have done and often still do for us. When we were kids, we used to help out in the household once in a while by making the bed, driving off the grass or simply tidying your room so she wouldn't have to. Now we are so often not there to help with that and she is often on her own, or at least that is the case for Sofie's mum. 

Soon it will be that time again. Mother's Day.

And then again we ask ourselves the question, "What gift can I give our mum?". A bunch of flowers we have done so many times. A voucher from a pottery workshop she can't redeem fast enough by Corona and a book we already gave her last year. 

"This year I'm giving my mum convenience gifts!" Tells Sofie. Sofie's mum has been suffering from shoulder pain for a while now and is having more and more trouble making the bed on her own. "I saw the MyBedMaker somewhere online and then I knew: this is the ideal gift for my mum!". The MyBedMaker provides an extra pair of hands, so to speak, to easily make your bed. "An original gift she will enjoy for years to come. And so I'm off for another year," Sofie winks. 

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