What a week! KBSea, an article in De Standaard and a Radio 2 interview!

27 August 2019

A look behind the scenes at My Add On

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Last week, Start-it kbc's start-up conference went ahead at Kursaal Oostende. My Add On is a proud start-up of Start-it KBC, so we couldn't miss out on the place to be. What happens at such a conference?
Keynotes, talks, workshops to take your business to the next level, and networking. There were speakers straight from Facebook London, Google and Pfizer. Also present from our own country were top speakers such as Michael Humblet, Jasper Verreydt and Iman Lamrani. A co-working place was also available to work in the moments in between, as work is always plentiful.

From left to right: Marie Van den Broeck (My Add On), William Debruyn (AlterEdu), Sara Javadzadeh (Relotrust), Tanika Kenens (AlterEdu)

Networking should be fun
Networking is the most important thing. You don't make superficial contacts here, but forge ties for life. KBSea provided the right atmosphere: Ostend beach, beautiful weather, great music in the coworking area, Pizza & tennis on the beach, the networking BBQ and the afterparty, in short, meeting a lot of interesting people in the entrepreneurial world.

By trial and error
Ask any start-up, Doing business is an emotional rollercoaster. One moment you are over the moon with a new customer or nice review, the next suddenly deep down because something went wrong. That can be from day to day, but also from minute to minute. That's what Filip Michiels talked about in his article in De Standaard on Start-ups, success stories, but also the downside.

Thanks to Content Cats and Start-it, My Add On, AlterEdu and Lode from Start-it got the chance to share their testimonies.
Online article: https://bit.ly/342dLog

Article My Add On The Standard

Start-ups LOOVE the media! ... And vice versa 😉 While we were sitting by the sea at the conference, our office Hangar K had another surprise up its sleeve. They arranged for us to have a live interview with Radio 2! That was really the max! We were featured Wednesday 11 August at 8.40am on 'Classics in the Workplace'. Entusia and My Add On are still very grateful for it! Yet another example of organisations supporting startups like ours. Merci Hangar K and Start-it KBC!

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