Walking with crutches, how to do it?

15 December 2020

Crutches, some of us walk with them, have walked with them or may one day have to walk with them. Walking with crutches seems very obvious, but it is actually more difficult than it looks. It is best to make sure you do not overload other parts of your body. So pay enough attention to how best to walk with crutches.

Why walk with crutches?

There are several reasons why people need to walk with crutches, some more seriously than others. The typical example is the temporary support they provide for a leg break, or operation to the knee or hip. This is also sometimes referred to as the 'unloaded mobilisation', where you take the injured body part not may strain when you step. Crutches offer stability and support the healing process.

How to use crutches correctly?

It is important to use crutches correctly. An important first step is to use the adjust crutches correctly At your height.

How to do that? Put standing upright the crutches slightly in front of you, let your arms relax along you and make sure the handles at the same height as your wrists come. The armrest is best just below your elbow.

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How do you step with crutches?

Proper stepping technique with 2 crutches

When you shouldn't strain your injured leg:

  1. To step properly with crutches, first make sure you have both crutches forward at the same time move.
  2. Make sure you make it injured leg above ground holds, definitely don't lean on it!
  3. Next support yourself on crutches. Take a step forward with your healthy leg, until just past the crutches.
  4. Repeat this movement. Practice makes perfect!

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Are you allowed your hurt leg partially load? Then you may put the injured leg on the ground, but you may not actually lean on it:

  1. Put the crutches slightly in front of you, making sure you have good between the crutches fits.
  2. Put your operated leg forward between the crutches, taking care not to rest your full weight on it.
  3. Then you put a step forward with your healthy leg while supporting yourself well on crutches.

Proper stepping technique with 1 crutch

In some cases, it may be best to walks with 1 crutch.

  1. Keep the stool on the side of the healthy leg.
  2. Put first the stool and the operated leg simultaneously to front.
  3. Support yourself on the stool and now also put your healthy leg forward.
  4. Make sure you have your weight as much as possible on the stool put, not on your hurt leg.


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