Surprising test day with Karen

24 June 2019

-small changes lead to great results-

Exciting! Together with Karen, we completed the first user test of our new product!

What did we do?

  • The new gel patches presented
  • Let us test which form is best

Why this product? It allows you to use your crutches painlessly with bare arms. Ideal for hot days like this one!

Fun fact! After a few tests, it soon became clear that Karen preferred a rectangular patch. => Time to put that choice to the test! <= We install on both stools THE SAME rectangular patches.

We hand the crutches back to Karen who will pass the literally 'blind' test. Turns out her preference is clearly for the left patch!

Surprising choice, considering they are both the same patches! A learning experience for our interns on how we can still subconsciously influence people. So we pay close attention to this during our tests so we can deliver the right products. Thank you Karen for your help and sincere opinion during the product test! . . .

=> Would you also like to participate in our product tests in the future? Then feel free to register via this link.


This article was written by:
Nathan Meulenyzer
Community builder My Add On
Marketing trainee

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