Special day for nurses!

12 May 2020


Although 12 May 1820 (exactly 200 years ago) may not ring a bell with you, it is an important day, namely the birth date of Florence Nightingale. Because of its numerous contributions in favour of nursing, 12 May was therefore declared by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) as International Nurses Day. A day that has been celebrating all nurses around the world since 1974. Nightingale gained her iconic status mainly during the Crimean War in which she led the organisation for caring for wounded soldiers (Thus, she was nicknamed 'The woman with the lamp').

Because of her legacy with revolutionary vision in hygiene and care, use of statistics, pioneering research, educating nurses and writing various forms of literature, she is regarded as the founder of modern nursing. Her great commitment also made her an important figure in the struggle for women's empowerment and feminism.

Florence Nightingale
Lady with the lamp: referring to Florence Nightingale who cared for wounded soldiers at night with lantern in hand.


This is the theme that the ICN (International Council of Nurses) chose Nursing Day 2020. Given the global COVID-19 pandemic, this theme is all the more valid. The importance of nurses and nursing has rarely been so high. So May 12 is now a day to celebrate the nurses who day in and day out Saving lives risking their own health praise for their selfless services.

Now is the time to reflect once again on all they are already doing, to thank them but also support them and keep their spirits up. If you know people in care, call them, send a letter, draw a picture or craft something, you name it. But above all, still adhere fully to the measures so that the virus does not spread further and their outstanding efforts are not in vain!

International Nurses Day 2020

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Sources: https://www.icn.ch/news/international-nurses-day-nurses-deserve-praise-thanks-protection-amid-covid-19 https://www.icn.ch/what-we-docampaigns/international-nurses-day

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