Regained independence thanks to the MySleeve

26 January 2021

At me Add On we like to highlight our users, last week told Roger his story. This week, we talked to Lieve, a user who has been with My Add On from the very beginning. And she is still a big fan now.


Lieve has 2 knee replacements, for which of course she first knee operations had to undergo. After this, she had to walk with crutches for about 2.5 months and soon developed some frustrations. For instance, she developed calluses on her hands due to the uncomfortable handles and her crutches fell to the ground every so often.

Knee replacements are placed when there is wear of the cartilage of the knee. There is no universal knee replacement, but depending on exactly where the wear is, a different prosthesis is recommended. For example, a 'half knee replacement' is placed when there is wear on the inside or outside of the knee joint.

Read all about how to recover from knee surgery here (article Lennert)

She first came into contact with the MySleeve. These covers for over the stool handles were an instant improvement. No more sore hands and falling crutches!


For Lieve, using the MySleeve had a very positive impact on her experience with crutches. So what does she consider to be the biggest advantage of the MySleeve? Besides the comfortable and firm grip, Lieve especially emphasises the magnets. These allow the stools to be put together so you have one hand free to do something else. And if once a crutch falls, they simply fished it back up with the other crutch. Especially if you can't fold your knee right away yet due to knee surgery, this is a big advantage.

As she was able to keep putting the crutches together so they didn't fall over, Lieve also got a piece of independence back. Because she could rely so heavily on the MySleeves, she was more likely to go out on her own again.


Also the fun colours in which the MySleeves are available finds Lieve top. For instance, she told us that because of their colour, the MySleeves are real conversation starters are. Many people wonder what this eye-catching sleeve is, and Lieve is happy to address this to talk more about the many benefits of the mySleeve.

Today, Lieve (thankfully) no longer has to walk with crutches, but they still get brought out sometimes when she tips her foot, for instance. And then the MySleeves still come in handy. We would like to thank Lieve very much for sharing her story with us.

Would you also like to share your story with us? Then please do not hesitate to contact us!

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