Product recommendation: Entusia briefs and boxers for light urine loss (wheelchair user-approved)

26 June 2019

Our new parter Entusia launches its first promo video today! Entusia lets its users talk about their personal story and how Entusia slips and boxers have already helped them with this.

Entusia designs stylish underwear for people with light leakage. The underwear was put together in cooperation with Ghent University, pelvic floor physiotherapists, urologists and other specialists and, of course, in consultation with users. The main issue for users is the taboo surrounding it. They feel less comfortable with disposable pads such as panty liners or other pads. Especially the men feel more insecure when going out. That's a problem!

That is why Entusia designed stylish underwear where the absorbent pad is integrated in the underwear. When you see the underwear for the first time, you might not immediately tell that there is something special about it. And that's the point. Users feel good about themselves again and have their self-confidence back. Moreover, Entusia slips and boxers are comfortable and reusable. Washing is allowed from 40°C (max 60°C) and guarantees to kill at least 99.5% of all bacteria (tested by the University of Ghent). Drying is allowed at max 50°C in the tumble dryer. More information on The

Entusia underwear also tested by wheelchair users, where seams also play a big role in avoiding see-through wounds. We found a great user experience from a wheelchair user on Steven Claeys' Rolmodel blog: Below in preview: source:

Entusia-st about underwear

"The search for appropriate clothing (and especially underwear!) was never fun for me. I searched but found no solution to irritations and wounds and the mild incontinence I experience. Until my home nurse recommended Entusia to me." "I had already tried all kinds of things, but gradually became desperate. Being wheelchair-dependent for quite some time, I knew the market by now. Although there was an oversupply, I couldn't get rid of the small problems I was facing.
On the one hand, there were the minor wounds and skin irritations which always resulted from the friction of elastic cuffs and poor fit. On the other hand, I was also looking for a solution for my (mild) incontinence. "When you don't feel comfortable in your clothes, it negatively affects your self-confidence. Besides, wheelchair users are looked at anyway. When I vented my heart to my regular home nurse, he told me he might know a possible solution.
He referred me to a relative of his, who turned out to be a representative for a new type of incontinence briefs, Entusia in other words. Under the motto 'if it doesn't help, it won't hurt', I got in touch. Given previous experiences, I was fairly sceptical, so I only ordered a limited number."
entusia underwear
"Ever since I started wearing Entusia's underwear, I feel much better about myself again. It is comfortable thanks to its seamless construction. I hardly have any wounds anymore. Anyway, highly recommended for wheelchair users. But more importantly, I have my self-confidence back. The panties have a beautiful, feminine finish and an absorbency that means I no longer have to worry about myself. Regardless of the urine loss, I continue to experience a feeling of dryness every time. Fantastic right?"
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