Our Reva fair 2019!

18 June 2019

-Teamwork makes the dream work-

The Reva Fair was top notch! We were well represented this year thanks to interns Alexander, Lena and Nathan.

My Add on at trade fair

Who did what?
Alexander was the photographer on duty. His photos and aftermovie can be found on our Facebook page! Lena and Nathan were busy taking surveys and informing visitors. Hans and myself were busy informing visitors. During the talks, we got lots of ideas and inspiration! So be sure to keep an eye on us. Before you know it, we will be launching a new project!

Our actions
Say cheese! Our Facebook frame allowed everyone to take a photo. Be sure to take a look at the final results on Facebook!

My add on Reva Scholarship 2019

Crime scene alert! The crime scene was also on hand this year. Anyone could come and pick up crutches with us using the MySleeve.

Mysleeve on ground

Do your pee here! You could even come and have a pee too. Sprinkle a few drops into the knickers of Entusia. Ideal for testing Entusia's pants!

Surprising Stands

Besides our stand, there were plenty of other exciting booths. Some of them are:

  • ToWalkAgain: giving people with physical disabilities professional guidance so they can enjoy sport again.
  • Nenko: adapted tools to train motor skills in a playful way. Play in the sandbox and make the ball disappear into goal.
  • WeTravel2: Travelling by wheelchair. Tailor-made travel for wheelchair users!
  • Ribcap: Not a helmet, but more than a regular hat!
  • Sunrise Medical: From rollator to mobility scooter!




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Nathan Meulenyzer
Community builder My Add On
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