Never sore arms again with the MyGelbow for crutches

18 May 2021

We had our latest product, the MyGelbow, tested by some frequent users of crutches. Read along to see what they think of it!


What is the myGelbow?

But what is the MyGelbow exactly? The MyGelbow for stools is a gel patch easily attached to the armrest of the stool. The patch provides less friction with the arm and thus a more comfortable and stable support of the crutch. Users who had already tried alternatives for their sore forearms from using crutches made it clear that in the MyGelbow, they have now found their solution.

Common ailments caused by crutches

A common ailment among users of crutches is the friction with the skin which can cause irritation on the forearm. Users reported that using the MyGelbow for crutches significantly increased comfort. Because of the gel patch, the arm is more secure and the crutch feels much softer. Especially during the summer, when walking often with bare arms, the MyGelbow is a enormous improvement.

Users rate 7.5 out of 10 for reduction in arm pain thanks to MyGelbow

The MyGelbow's gel patch is designed to be perfect on any stool fits and also sticks. The patch is easy to apply according to the enclosed instructions. When dismantled, the MyGelbow also leaves no glue residue or dirt on the stool. If the gel patch itself were to get dirty, it is easily washable with soap and water. On top of that, after air drying, it sticks like new again. Even after regular use, our users noted that the MyGelbow remains in perfect condition.

Users of crutches often report that the skin starts to sweat due to friction with the 'naked' stool. The MyGelbow offers a solution to that too, it was reported that the gel patch significantly reduced sweating.

Get rid of sore forearms due to crutches

The MyGelbow provides crutches, as does the MySleeve, for a comfortable and soft support. And that is totally in line with our mission to provide a simple and convenient solution to these ailments. Some users got the chance to be the first to test the new product and they are already fans.


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