mySleeve for crutches: tested and approved

24 November 2020

We asked some of our users to share their experiences with the MySleeve for crutches with us. This allows us to continue to improve our products and adapt them to our users. And what turned out? No user could do without the MySleeve anymore!

So what makes the MySleeve so special? The MySleeve is a sleeve that you simply pull over the handle of your crutch, thus giving you crutches with soft handles. The gel patch under the sleeve distributes all pressure points nicely, relieving hand pain and giving you a comfortable grip. With the magnets incorporated in the ends of each sleeve, you will always keep both crutches together nicely.



Hard material, painful pressure, blisters on the hands, etc. Sore hands are a common ailment when walking with crutches. Our users gave the comfort of a crutch without the MySleeve only a 2.5/10, but with the MySleeve this was raised to as high as 8.5/10. It was stated that the MySleeve provided a softer and more comfortable grip, especially for everyday crutch users, this was a huge benefit.


Our users also told us that their crutches fall over up to 20 times in one day. Thankfully, by using the MySleeve, this became a thing of the past. Thanks to the magnets, the crutches can be clicked together to free up one or both hands. This makes opening a door, for example, suddenly much easier and without the hassle of the crutch falling over. It is also easier to place the crutches together against a wall or other object when the user does not need them. And if one of them does fall off, it can be picked up again with the help of the magnet in the other handle.

Not only a fallen crutch can be picked up by the magnets, but also other items such as dropped keys, pennies, etc. The magnets were therefore indicated as a great added value for the MySleeve.


Another annoying ailment associated with walking with crutches is sweaty hands. Sweaty hands reduce grip and stability. As many as 55% of crutch users suffer from this, but with the MySleeve for crutches, this is down to only 10%. It was mainly stated that the MySleeve provides more grip on the crutch.


Whether it was an experienced user or someone who had only been walking on crutches for a few weeks, all our users said they couldn't live without the MySleeve for crutches. They provide a comfortable and better grip on the crutch and the magnets significantly reduce the number of crutches dropped. And besides the enormous user-friendliness, they also look very trendy.

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