Living with Huntington's disease

2 February 2021

Last weeks we already put users Roger and Dear in the spotlight and we found out a lot from them about their experiences with the MySleeve. This week it is the turn of Carine, who has been living with Huntington's disease for several years.


Carine is a proud 59-year-old lady from Ghent. In her spare time, she was into painting and ceramics, until she started losing her muscle strength more and more. Meanwhile several years ago, she was diagnosed with the Huntington's disease.

Huntington's disease causes the death of nerve cells which are no longer built on. A lot of motor skills are restricted as a result, for example, it is a challenge for Carine to be able to eat without spilling. Huntington's disease also has an impact on mental skills. For example, patients can have memory loss, which can lead to dementia at a later stage.



When founder Marie was voted student entrepreneur of the year in 2017 by UNIZO, Carine got to know My Add On. In Marie's grandmother's story, she recognised herself and her mother. In fact, her mother also uses crutches. She suggested the MySleeve also to her mother, but she did not want to test it. Carine did and she has not regretted it for a second. On the contrary, when Carine first used the MySleeve she immediately noticed the positive impact on her life.

Before that, she had already tried a few things to make the grip more pleasant to make, such as using a racing glove, but these offered no solution. Carine stressed that by the MySleeve grip becomes better and more comfortable. And the biggest asset of the MySleeve finds Carine the magnets, very handy also for picking up fallen glasses and other things.

"I would the MySleeve definitely recommend it to everyone!"


Carine also noticed a positive impact of the MySleeve on her life. She stressed that walking already takes a lot of energy due to her disability and painful hands exhaust her even more. Due to the MySleeve she could always longer distances do without having to worry about sore hands. Still, a bit of independence regained.

We would very much like to thank Carine for sharing her story with us.


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