Living with diabetes and amputations

19 January 2021

At My Add On, we like to put our users in the spotlight. After all, they are the ones who use our products every day and are therefore best placed to talk about their experiences. We conducted an interview with Roger, who has been an avid user of the MySleeve for no less than 3 years. Watch the full interview here.


Roger Kokken is, as he describes it himself, 74 years young. He is a retired property developer, but still has a keen interest in architecture. By keeping himself interested in new things, such as computers and technology, he keeps himself young.

For over 20 years, Roger has been diabetic, something that of course is not without controversy. For example, he has already had problems with his kidneys and eyes, but he also remained not spared amputations. As he describes it himself, he started losing (pieces of) limbs around his 60e, his left foot and right leg have been amputated. Indoor walking without crutches succeeds through an electronic prosthesis, but for outdoors, he uses crutches for extra stability.

Diabetes is a chronic disease in which the body itself does not produce enough insulin, if any at all. As a result, the blood sugar levels of the body not balanced is. In the long term, diabetes mainly affects the nervous system, leading to poorer blood flow. Especially to the feet, this blood flow no longer works well and can eventually even lead to amputations.

Inevitably, his disability also has an impact on those around him. "I always have to be taken into account and I don't really want that", says Roger. He goes to a rehabilitation centre three times a week and does his own gymnastics exercises daily to keep moving.


Three years ago, Roger first came in touch with the MySleeve. Fascinated by Marie's story and drive, he decided to try the MySleeve. And this had a positive impact on his life. Not only did he find a better grip for his crutches, but he also gained a piece of independence back with him. Due to deteriorating fine motor skills, he sometimes drops his keys or a crutch, but thanks to the magnets in the MySleeve, he can pick them up again in no time. Also, the crutches can easily be put together, leaving his hands free.

"The MySleeve clearly facilitates my daily activities."


Despite his story of punishment, Roger is very positive about life and always wants to be continue to engage and contribute whenever possible. For instance, he often dedicates himself as a guest speaker in universities and rest homes to talk about diabetes and amputations. Roger also sits on a Benelux think tank on the development of new electronic prosthetics. He remains a busy bee who always tries to inspire others by sharing his own experiences.


That Roger is not sitting still is clear. Meanwhile, he is also emerging as a real ambassador for the MySleeve. For example he often recommends our products to fellow sufferers, in rest homes or to people he comes into contact with as a guest speaker.

Roger highlights the fact that stability is very important for a stool and that the MySleeve is a huge improvement for this. He thinks it should even come as standard with crutches because it is so important to be able to hold your crutches properly. And we can only agree.

Once again, we would like to thank Roger very much for sharing his story and experiences with us.

Watch the full interview with Roger here

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