Have you applied for your European Disability Card yet?

1 October 2019

European Disability Card

The European Disability Card, the card that gives people with disabilities better access to sports, culture and many other leisure activities. For example, you can go to the cinema at a reduced rate!

What is the purpose of this map?
This card is there to encourage people with disabilities to participate in all kinds of leisure activities. How.

  • Discounts on various activities
  • custom tours
  • easier access to attractions
  • reserved seats
  • ...

Where can I apply for this card?
In one of the 5 Belgian institutions responsible for integrating people with disabilities.

How do I use my EDC?
Simple, you can contact the place you want to go to beforehand. You can ask them if they accept this card and what benefits they offer.

Where is my EDC valid?
You can use the card in several participating EU countries:

  • Belgium
  • Cyprus
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Italy
  • Malta
  • Romania
  • Slovenia.

Your EDC is valid only for yourself. So be sure not to let anyone else use it!

=> Find out more: https://eudisabilitycard.be/nl/de-kaart

What do you think of the EDC card? Have you gained any benefits from it yourself or not?


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