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3 October 2019

Dance like nobody is watching!
Today, we want to throw the spo(r)tlights on one of our favourite G-sports: G-dancing! G-dancing is actually an umbrella term for all forms of dancing that can be practised by disabled people. In Belgium, you can even practise it at different levels. So you can do the recreational or competitive do. If you are a competition beast you can join the

Belgian G-dancing championships.

wheelchair dancing

How do I register as a competition dancer?
Would you like to take up the challenge and dance in competition form? Then be sure to follow this link And find out what it's all about!

G-sports what exactly is it?
G-sports is an abbreviation for 'G(ehandicapped) sports'. G-sports is more than an abbreviation, of course. G-sports allow people with disabilities to fully indulge in the sports they find cool.

Where can I indulge?
Quite simply! Click on your province in the list below and find out which G-sports clubs are near you!

Need help in your search for the right G-sport?

Would you like to play a G sport but are still not sure which? Then be sure to get assistance from the G-sport consultant! Don't forget from the form fill in, so the consultant can personally sports advice offer to you. Join us in looking at the steps Jimmy took to find his G-sport!

Would you like to share your experiences as a G-sporter? We would love to hear about it! That way we can map out which G-sports are in demand.

Source: G-sportvlaanderen


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