From worn insulation pipe to new innovative product!

24 June 2022

You know/are someone who has a stoolwheelchair or walker used, and perhaps also went to a resource fair? What you may not have known is which impact you can sometimes have on My Add On exhibitors and their product range. That also happened to Dineke;

Dineke rolled past My Add On's stand with her rollator at the Support Fair in Utrecht four years ago. With her handles covered with insulating tube and a sock of the grandchildren jumped the colourful covers for crank handles caught her eye immediately. Could these take away the pain in her hands?

Immediately tested

She immediately felt the difference on the crutches. The integrated gel patches felt heavenly like cushions. She immediately asked the question that was very relevant to her: "Does this also fit on rollators?" So we tried that out! And yes, the mySleeves rolled smoothly over the handles and so Dineke, equipped with her new mySleeves on her rollator handles merrily on at the fair, then two hours later...

Dineke came to our booth while waving and stuck a big thumbs up in the air. With a large smile She told how the mySleeves a fantastic difference were for her hands and she no more pain felt. Dineke went satisfied and pain-free home with her proud find. And My Add On was inspired and went to work ...

What a surprise!

Last week -four years later- at the Supportbeurs 2022 in Utrecht, Dineke rolled right up to My Add On's stand. She had come to the fair especially for that! After four years of use, she wanted an extra pair for her second rollator. What she did not yet know is that My Add On had meanwhile developed a mySleeve for rollators, i.e. the myRollerSleeve. And this thanks to Dineke, who came by with her insulation tubes on the walker handles four years ago.


So Dineke, a heartfelt thank you for being the inspiration for our myRollerSleeve!


Do you also want walk painlessly with the rollator? View the myRollerSleeve in our webshop!

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