Finding a job as a wheelchair user

13 August 2019

-Attitude is everything-


David Boel

A finding a job as a wheelchair user. It is not always easy. We read David Boel's testimony at David was employed as an operator at an Aquafin water treatment plant. Together with his colleagues, he was responsible for the local laboratory.

"Today I can no longer do that because of my disability, but Aquafin has created a job tailored to my needs. Several people I got to know in the rehabilitation centre at UZ Gent were laid off because of their disability ... At the same time, I fully realise that it has to come from both sides: the goodwill has to be there with the company, but also with the disabled person."

"I do work from home now, but I am still in touch with colleagues from before, which makes me very happy. Whenever there is a staff party or a big meeting, they come and get me so that I can be present. That way, my work for Aquafin ensures that I still have a lot of contact, professionally and privately. That's good for morale".

"If I can dream ... Should I be able to move around and work among my colleagues, that would give me a lot of pleasure. Being among colleagues, that would be really cool." Source:

Do you also have experiences as an employee in a wheelchair? We would love to hear about your experiences!


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