Having trouble with crutches? These tips will increase your comfort

22 December 2020

Last week we took a closer look at how best to walk with crutches, today we will tell you all about how to increase your comfort with crutches. Walking on crutches is not always easy, especially if it is your first time, for instance. Your crutches fall over or they hurt your hands. These tips will make walking with crutches just a little easier.

old women walking with forearm crutch



It is important to solid shoes to wear when walking with crutches. If you can only lean on one leg, all your weight will end up on that one leg. Also make sure you choose shoes that you can easily put on or take off. So to make sure your other leg is not overloaded, it is definitely important to wear comfortable shoes that support your feet sufficiently. So no slippers or slippers!


Walking with crutches puts pressure not only on the leg you are supporting, but also on your arms. So stretching your arms is the message. To increase your comfort, hold your crutch next to your body with your arms extended and try to walk as much as you normally would. If you walk with two crutches, move them together each time. This way, you will have maximum support on both crutches. If you walk with only one crutch, put it on the healthy side of your body. Lift your bad leg and your crutch at the same time and then move your good leg.


Using stairs with crutches can be annoying. It is therefore the intention that you as gently as possible are. To start with, walk on the side of the handrail and put your crutch in the middle of the step, which is safest. If you can, make sure someone is with you, to hold a second crutch if necessary. If you have to go up, use your healthy leg to push off with first. In this case, the crutch stays next to your "bad" leg to provide sufficient support. When descending, you can descend the stairs forward or backward. When descending the stairs backwards, you have more support through the handrail. When descending forward, look into the depths as much as possible to ensure your crutch doesn't slip and that your legs are firmly on the stairs.


Another way to increase comfort for crutches is with the MySleeve From My Add On. This Cover pulls right over the handle of any stool and provides a firm and comfortable grip. The gel patch redistributes pressure points in the hand, making walking with crutches less painful for your hands. On top of that, there is also a magnet embedded in both ends of the MySleeve. These magnets allow you to easily "snap" your stools together, preventing them from falling over. Did a stool fall over anyway? Don't panic, thanks to the MySleeve easily fish up your fallen stool without having to bend over yourself.

The MyGelbow, a gel patch that you attach to the armrest of the stool, also plays into increasing comfort. Like the MySleeve, this gel patch redistributes the pressure points of the armrest on the forearm, reducing friction and preventing irritation. This product will be launched in January 2021. Be sure to keep an eye on our website 😉

Walking on crutches is anything but fun, but luckily there are ways to make it a little more bearable.

Author: Justine Cottenie

Curious about what our users think of the MySleeve? Read here our blog article!

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