Having trouble with crutches? These tips will increase your comfort

22 December 2020

Last week you read here how best to walk with crutches, today we will take a closer look at how to increase your comfort when you have to walk with crutches. Walking with crutches is not always easy, especially if you are not used to it. Crutches often fall over, or they hurt your hands.

Here are some valuable tips to improve your comfort and reduce pain:


Tip 1: Wear comfortable shoes

It is important to solid shoes to wear when stepping with crutches. If you can only lean on one leg, all your weight will end up on that one leg. Also make sure you choose shoes that you easy can switch on or off. Avoid overloading and make sure you have sturdy and comfortable shoes to avoid fatigue while walking. So no slippers or slippers!

Tip 2: Stretch, stretch and stretch again

When you step with crutches, not only does more pressure end up on the leg you are supporting, but also on your arms. So stretching your arms is the message. To increase your comfort, hold your stool next to your body with your arms extended and try to step as much as you normally would.

If you go with two stools runs, then move them together each time. This way, you'll have maximum support on both crutches.

Do you walk with only one crutch? Then put those to the healthy side of your body. Lift your bad leg and your crutch equally and then move your good leg.

This will relieve pressure on your hands and shoulders, and counteract muscle pain.

Tip 3: Climb stairs safely?

Stairs and crutches? Not an ideal combination. Is there a lift nearby? Then take it. Do you have to use the stairs anyway? Then be sure to use extra careful when taking the stairs with crutches. Some precautions to avoid accidents when climbing stairs with crutches:

  1. Walk to the side of handrail and put your stool in the middle of the step. This is the safest way.
  2. Is someone with you? Then ask that person for your second crutch to hold (If you have 2, of course).
  3. Need to go up? Then use your healthy leg first to push off with. This keeps the stool next to your 'bad' leg to give you as much support as possible.
  4. Need to go down the stairs? You can do so forward, but also backwards. If you backwards descending, you have more support through the handrail. If you forward goes, then it's best to watch as much of the in-depth to make sure the stool does not slip and that your legs are firmly on the step.

Tip 4: Increase your comfort with mySleeve

Do you also experience sore hands when you use your crutches? The mySleeve offers you extra grip and avoids irritations, ideal for sore hands when walking with crutches. This silicone case is easy to put on over your existing crank handle!

What the mySleeve precisely what makes it so good?

  1. Ensures a firm and comfortable grip.
  2. The gel patch redistributes pressure points thus preventing your hands from getting sore.
  3. The magnet in the tip of each mySleeve ensures that your 2 stools against each other 'snap on', preventing them from falling over.
  4. Did a stool fall over after all? No problem! Thanks to mySleeve, you can replace the picking up fallen stool again, without having to bend down.
  5. mySleeve fits any standard crank handle!


But the myGelbow, a gel patch for the armrest of your stool, can significantly reduce your discomfort.

  1. Just like the mySleeve, redistributes the gel patch the pressure points, but on your forearm. Less friction = less irritation!
  2. The surface feels like a soft leather texture and makes sure you skin can breathe. Much better than that hard plastic of your stool!
  3. The myGelbow is infinitely reusable. You can simply wash it under running water and let it air dry.


Fancy trying them out? Then we have good news for you! If you purchase both of them, you now get a nice discount 🤩 Discover our package deal now!

Try it out for yourself!

Walking on crutches is anything but fun, but fortunately there are ways to make it all just a little less annoying.

Which one are you going to try out 😉


PS. Curious about what our users think of the mySleeve? We asked some of them to share their experience with the mySleeve for crutches!


Author: Justine Cottenie

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