Cycling without tingly fingers? We've got you covered!

10 November 2022

🚴 Do you often ride your bike? Then you are undoubtedly familiar with it: tingly fingers! Shake it for a moment and on it goes. But a little later you have it sitting there. Your fingers are asleep. That's obviously not very handy for shifting gears or braking. But how does this happen?

Your handle, (best) size of your hand!

Everyone is unique, and everyone has different hands (thankfully!). Yet a bike often comes with standard handles. And these don't fit everyone. Is your handle too big? Then you can't close your hand around it properly. Is it too small? Then you close your hand too far. That causes your no good grip have on your handle and delivers your sore hands on.

Grip your handle

Standard handles are usually round. It is very difficult to get and keep a grip on round shapes. Just think of a ball, which also often slips out of your hands. Because of the relatively little contact with round handles, the contact points are one-sided. So the pressure is not distributed sufficiently. Bicycle grips with angular form will feel much better on your hands. They distribute and thus alleviate the print.


Keep your handlebars straight! Or adjust your stance!

The grips on your bike are not the only possible culprit. Your handlebars and posture also matter. If your send is too straight, you need to get your wrist bend too much. As a result, nerves may be pinched. And that makes it feel like your hands are asleep.

The handlebars of your bike make quite a bow to you so that your wrists can lie as straight as possible on the handlebars. That way, nothing is pinched and the chances of sleeping hands are already a lot lower 👍.

Sometimes you only get discomfort when you have been on your bike for a long time. This is because the longer you cycle, the more you start leaning on your handlebars. A bad attitude already provides another truncation of the nerves in your wrist and neck. So it is important to always be on your attitude watch. And especially on your wrist.


Better cycling trips thanks to myVeloGrips!

After reading this list, are you under the impression that you need to buy a new bike? 😵‍💫 Nothing could be further from the truth! My Add On is waiting for you 😉. With our ergonomic myVeloGrips! These are colourful gel covers that you simply pull over your existing bike handles. The gel patch divides the pressure points even preventing your fingers from falling asleep and your hands from hurting! The myVeloGrips absorb shocks and also ensure that your hands not more sweating.

Curious to try them out? Then go to our webshop And choose your favourite colour! 🧡💛🖤💚

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