Customised furniture with the IKEA ThisAbles via My Add On!

8 June 2020

You know that feeling? Buying custom furniture... They are very expensive and often don't fit into your interior. Thanks to IKEA ThisAbles this is a thing of the past! They offer an affordable way to customise furniture to your needs.

IKEA ThisAbles, what exactly is it?
ThisAbles is a project by IKEA, and is designed so that people with special needs can also buy cheap and beautiful furniture. The IKEA ThisAbles are handy 3D printed add-ons to mount on your furniture. These range from an adapted handle to open the door with the forearm to a rack to place a walking stick next to the bed so it is always to hand.

Ikea easy handle   IKEA Cane By Me

The designs are available in various trendy and sober colours, making them a perfect match for your interior. Whether you like cheerful yellow, subtle black or rather bold pink; it's all possible. In short, by the ThisAbles you not only save hundreds of euros, but also pimp your furniture to your personal taste! And that's where My Add On can help you. Because a handy add-on that makes things pimp and more comfortable to use sounds familiar, doesn't it ;)?

I don't have a 3D printer: now what?
I can already hear you thinking, "I don't have a 3D printer at all". Not to worry! We will do it for you! Through our site, you can choose your ThisAble and have it printed with us. We don't charge for the design, you only pay for the printing costs. What a service, right! So don't wait any longer, and get your own ThisAble now!

View here All ThisAbles products.

IKEA ThisAbles


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