Allowances for mobility equipment

27 August 2019


Mobility aids, are you entitled to them? For some, it is more obvious than for others. We clarify some frequently asked questions.

Watch out! The rules have changed
Because mobility aids have been under Flemish jurisdiction since 2019, as a resident of Flanders, you have to be affiliated to the Flemish social protection system. You also have to pay an annual care premium for this. Only young people under 26 do not have to join the health care fund. If they need a mobility aid, they can join. However, they do not have to pay a contribution.

Who can apply for mobility aids?
People struggling with:

  • chronic disorder
  • a restriction
  • old-age charges (age)

and have problems moving independently for long periods of time or permanently.

Can I rent or buy a mobility aid?
You can hire as:

  • you live at home and are +85 years old
  • you live in a residential care home
  • You suffer from a rapidly degenerative condition such as:
    • ALS
    • primary lateral sclerosis
    • progressive spinal muscular atrophy and
    • multisystem atrophy
  • You have just come from a rehabilitation service. In that case, you can test out a wheelchair in rental formula for 3 to 6 months in order to purchase the best wheelchair for you afterwards.

In other cases, you can apply for assistance in buying a mobility aid.

How much do I pay out of pocket?

  • On purchase: a fixed amount provided depending on the type of device. If you choose a more expensive product, you will pay the extra cost yourself.
  • when renting: the full rent is reimbursed. The mutual society receives a monthly rent lump sum from the healthcare fund for this purpose.

Do you still have questions regarding the right to mobility aids? nPlease be sure to take a look at the link of the Christian Mutual. 


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