Charles (20): "You don't realise how much strength your body needs to take a step."

8 December 2020

Charles Gadeyne is a 20-year-old student from Brussels. He is in digs in Kortrijk, where he studies sports journalism. Charles recently had an accident at the gym where a weight fell on his Achilles tendon. As a result, he had to walk on crutches for a while. "It was not my first time on crutches, but the stairs at dormitory were a challenge," he said.




Working out or playing sports does make injuries more common for him. "Now that is no longer a problem for me. The first time when I had to walk on crutches it was a bit tricky. My balance changed completely because I was not used to it. It then took several days before I could walk properly with it. Stairs are especially a problem. In digs, there is no lift, so I have to use stairs. That was a challenge. It put strain on my arms mainly, but I also had to lean on my other leg. You sometimes don't realise how much strength your body needs to take a step."

Crutches are not particularly convenient or user-friendly. "Finding a place for it is terrible. Now when I enter a room, I immediately look for suitable places to put my crutches. Even then they fall over or someone else falls over. I also always get blisters on my hands. Walking with crutches puts a lot of pressure on your hands, so that creates an additional problem. I've had to use crutches a few times, those problems are there every time. Read here How to increase your comfort with crutches.

"I was in shock, I knew there was pain, but I felt nothing"

Charles plays semi-professional rugby at Olympique Marcquois Rugby in Lille, France. There, he was working out when he dropped a 20-kilogram fitness bar on his Achilles tendon. "I rely heavily on my body, I need it to exercise. When I had that accident, I immediately panicked. I started hyperventilating, I was really in shock. At that moment, I didn't feel any pain, but I knew there was pain." At first it looked like a bruise, but when the situation escalated, his team called the ambulance anyway.

The paramedics applied initial care. A brace was immediately put around his foot and he was given ventilation. At the hospital, it was a different story. "That was horrible. They examined me, I had to go under the scanner and then they said my foot was broken and I also had a severe bruise on my Achilles tendon. Then I was put on the street, I didn't get a plaster or a bandage. I was on the street with a broken foot with no help. I had to ask for crutches myself, I also had to get them myself. That is the life of an athlete for sure, you also have to learn to deal with injuries because it is inevitable."

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Author: Justine Cottenie

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