Anniversary My Add On ready for accelerated growth

22 June 2020
Article by Rani Cromphout of Made in East Flanders
AALST - My Add Onwhich develops handy attachments for crutches and wheelchairs to make them more comfortable to use, is blowing out three candles this month. However, there was not much time to dwell on this for founder Marie Van den Broeck: "We were so busy launching the new website and products as part of corona that we lost sight of the date itself." My Add On expanded its offering with beautiful reusable mouth masks, a No-Touch-Key and a genuine Corona Survival Kit. Finally, Marie also recently started offering an additional 3D printing service for IKEA ThisAbles. 

For Aalst-based My Add On, corona came as a godsend. "Suddenly the world stood a bit still. It brought peace and time to breathe. I took a step back and started looking: what are we doing and where do we want to go?" says Marie Van den Broeck. "Until now, we were a start-up with small budgets and we also thought in function of those budgets. To become a global player and accelerate the whole process, I need to raise money. I cannot do this alone either and will have to expand my team. I then drew up a plan of which I have now taken the first steps."


My Add On also went straight to work on COVID-19. For instance, the company offers brightly coloured reusable mouth masks. But that's not all. "I heard that many people were afraid to put corona on when paying, opening doors, using the lift... I wanted to find something on that. That's how I ended up with the No-Touch-Key. This handy key ensures that you don't have to touch door handles, light or lift buttons. Moreover, you can simply hang the No-Touch-Key on your keys, so you always have it with you! Many keys have since been sold through the webshop."

On the same webshop, you will also find a full Corona Survival Kit consisting of the No-Touch-Key, a band to protect the ears, mouth mask, gloves and hand gel. "The latter is a spray with the slogan 'Spray Corona Away'," Marie winks. "Even though we know that corona is a serious disease, we wanted to make it something playful and keep it light-hearted that way. With this small purchase, you are fully equipped to get outside safely."


Finally, My Add On starts a new 3D printing service inspired by IKEA's ThisAbles. These are handy add-ons to mount on your furniture. IKEA developed these specifically for some of its products, meaning you can now have a fully customised cabinet that is also affordable and beautiful. Marie: "IKEA's designs are free and publicly available. The multinational does not capitalise on the sale of the add-ons, but as a result it saw sales of the products for which the add-ons are intended skyrocket. What I do is offer my customers the opportunity to have these products printed to the right quality standards. Through our website, you can pick your ThisAble and have it printed with us. We don't charge for the design, you just pay the printing cost."

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