Allure goes for accessibility and puts model with Down on the cover

28 December 2020

Ellie Goldstein, a British girl with Down syndrome shows off on the cover of Allure. The American magazine dedicates its December issue entirely to The Beauty of Accessibility. And we at My Add On couldn't let that go unnoticed.



Ellie Goldstein is only 18 years old, but has seen some of her dreams come true. Last year, she did a campaign for Gucci, as first model with Down ever. She dreams of being famous as well as making the world more accessible to everyone. She gets to spread that message in the renowned American fashion and beauty magazine Allure this month.

Allure's December issue mentions 'The Beauty of Accessibility' and is thus entirely dedicated to accessibility. There are several articles in which people with disabilities testify about accessibility in the fashion and beauty sector. They often have to start coming up with creative solutions to create accessibility themselves.


Ellie's management, Zebedee, was founded by two women who recognised that accessibility in the fashion sector still a distant reality was. And they decided to do something about it by setting up a management for people with visible disabilities. For this, they work with models as well as makeup artists or photographers. Zebedee was also behind the models of the Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive clothing line, which was all about accessibility and inclusion.


Accessibility in the fashion industry is not only in working with models or hairdressers with disabilities, but also in a lot of other little things. For example, providing a ramp for wheelchairs on site or an interpreter for sign language. These things all contribute to an integrally accessible sector where everyone is welcome.

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