Accessibility in the beauty sector

24 January 2021

The Beauty of Accessibility, so calls the December issue of Allure. The US fashion and beauty magazine thus puts accessibility at the top of its agenda. This issue includes all kinds of articles on beauty that are integrally accessible.

The Beauty of Accessibility Allure accessibility


Allure has been in the fashion and beauty business for decades and realised that this sector still very inaccessible is. For instance, not only are people with disabilities underrepresented in the media, but products are often developed without thinking about accessibility for all. People with disabilities then usually have to look for accessible products themselves, which are often not as beautiful or of high quality.


The Beauty of Accessibility includes a wide variety of articles on accessible beauty. For instance, there is an article on how to apply eye make-up with trembling hands or beauty products are recommended for people who have only one active hand. Also on the cover is Ellie Goldstein, a girl with Down syndrome. Read here more on her story.


In one of the articles Keah Brown On how make-up for her is a form of empowerment is. For years, she closed herself off from make-up because she feared the products were not accessible to her. Until she then tried to find her own way into it. And it turned out to be a good decision, as she now feels better and more feminine than ever.

Another article was written by Alexis Hillyard, author of the blog Stump Kitchen. She describes how she has made her paint nails with one hand, because Alexis is missing a left hand. She uses her knee for more support, but it is mainly through practice that things are getting easier. Alexis also has her own YouTube channel in which she shares her experiences and passion for cooking.

Raising the issue of accessibility and setting up initiatives for this purpose is also entirely My Add On's vision. We can therefore only welcome this initiative by Allure.

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