5 reasons why Hedwige chooses the myBlanket wheelchair blanket

12 December 2022

Launching a new product, so done? Surely not! There is a lot involved. Especially lots of tests by users. We also had our latest wheelchair rain cover, our myBlanket, extensively tested. One of our testers is Hedwige, a sporty powerwoman who rolls through life in an electric wheelchair.

Hedwige knows what she values and checked whether our myBlanket met her expectations. She also discovered some bonus features that were soon indispensable.

1️⃣ The most important feature? Not having to stand up To put on the rain cover. Check! ✅
2️⃣ Equally important: space to comfortable to sit. Your knees shouldn't be constantly against each other! ✅
3️⃣ Also not unimportant: is the rain blanket compact enough to take? ✅
4️⃣ How warm and user-friendly is the rain cover? ✅
5️⃣ BONUS! The myBlanket has a cosy lap bag to give you warm hands and a handy bag for your valuable items 🥰 ✅

Below, we discuss the benefits of the myBlanket compared to a similar product (blanket X).

Wheelchair blanket myBlanket: putting it to the test

1. Putting on independently without standing up

User has MyBlanket on wheelchair. Feet are visible from the blanket. User has both hands in lap pocket. Knees are comfortable (not pushed together).A very important point: to make the myBlanket (pictured) to use, you don't have to stand up straight. You just lift your buttocks once each in turn and tuck the flaps of the rain cover underneath. That way, no one has to help you install the blanket. Top!

For rain blanket X, a cord snaps both sides together. You can use both wheelchair blankets completely independently.


2. Comfortable space for knees

They can go together, but they don't have to. The myBlanket (pictured) is wider at the knees so you don't always have to sit in a cramped position. This allows up to 35 centimetres between your knees (depending on person to person).

The myBlanket Wheelchair blanket offers the most space at the knees. With blanket X, your knees should be close together.


3. Compact, like a K-Way

You can fold the myBlanket compactly and store it in the pouch (for Belgians: think K-way principle). Hedwige thinks this is a hoot. You easily take this myBlanket rain cover with you wherever you go. A big plus for ease of use!

In this, the myBlanket definitely from blanket X. Unfortunately, that rain blanket cannot be stored so compactly.


4. Warm and cosy for your legs

The inside of the myBlanket is made of fleece. The outer fabric is wind- and waterproof. This combination ensures that your legs stay nice and warm and that you can go outside without any worries, even when it rains.

Thanks to the elastic bands with cord stoppers, you can adjust the rain rug to the perfect size. This way, the myBlanket fits snugly to your lower legs.

Both rain blankets are windproof and water-repellent. Blanket X's fabric resembles that of a thick winter coat, so Hedwige assumed it would be warmer. After testing both wheelchair blankets, she admits that the myBlanket feels much warmer than she initially thought. Thanks to the longer flaps that do not let wind in, our rain rug keeps heat in better. Warm and compact. Win-win!


5. BONUS! Cosy lap pocket for your hands

User wearing MyBlanket rain blanket with hands in lap pocketHedwige is clear: one of her favourite features of the myBlanket is the lap pocket to warm your hands in. For her, the pouch is for hands indispensable. She can put her bare hand in it, without a glove. This way, she can still easily use that hand, e.g. to take something out of her handbag.

With the other rain blanket, Hedwige has to put on a glove to keep her hands warm. It is quite a hassle to take something off and put the glove back on and off every time. Another plus for the myBlanket!


5a. BONUS! Bag for valuables

Smartphone and keys in valuables pocket of rain rug MyBlanket

On the inside of the myBlanket, on your lap, you'll find a 'secret' pocket for your valuables. Your smartphone and wallet will be in your hand in no time!

Blanket X has a storage pocket on the lower legs. Hedwige finds that not so practical because you have to bend all the way down first.




Room for improvement

➡️ The flaps are a bit on the short side

To be fair, Hedwige points out that the flaps could be longer. They are a bit on the short side for average hips. 

Solution: In the new MyBlanket version, they are no less than 10 cm wider on each side! 

With blanket X, the sides are even shorter. You don't tuck them under your bottom. As a result, you can still feel the wind coming in. Hedwige points out that the flaps of the MyBlanket connect better.


➡️ Strap around waist is flimsy

For Hedwige, the strap for around the waist could be firmer. The buckle clicks back open easily and the cord is quite tight. Originally, that strap was not meant to be around the waist. It only served as a handle for the folded MyBlanket and as a hanging system to hang the bag from your wheelchair. 

Solution: In the new MyBlanket version, the belt is bigger so it does fit around your waist if you want. Of course, you can also just store it in the pouch. The choice is yours. The buckle is designed with a soft push button to operate with limited hand force, and it is located at the front for easy operation and to avoid pressure points on the back.

Blanket X snaps behind the back with a buckle that does require some strength in the fingers.


User has blanket on. This version of the rain cover (MyBlanket) has opening at the bottom of the knees which allows draughts to enter. This is no longer the case with the new version.➡️ Draught felt at bottom of knees

At the lower legs, there is a zip to fasten the blanket. Unfortunately, Hedwige's test shows that this zip does not come high enough. This creates a small opening at the knee hollows, so some wind still gets through. No drama, but there is still room for optimisation here.

Solution: In the new version of our MyBlanket the zip is quite a bit longer. It fits perfectly at the knees. We chose a magnetic zip to make it even easier, even for people with limited hand function. So wind doesn't get a chance! 


Get on with it!

Thanks to feedback from Hedwige and the other test subjects, we have been able to improve the MyBlanket adjusted a bit in the meantime. 

Key changes:



Custom storage bag: with a wider zip and a modified shape so that it keeps its tight shape no matter which way you 'stuff' the MyBlanket in.


Wider flaps: the flaps for under the buttocks will be 10 cm longer on both sides, so 20 cm in total.


Magnetic zip: to be easier to put on ánd it will also be slightly higher to protect even better against draughts.


Improved cord stoppers: better adapted for people with limited strength and hand motor skills.


Longer belt with better snap buckle: The strap will also be easier to fasten behind your back so the MyBlanket stays nicely where it belongs: on your lap!

Meanwhile, we have no fewer than 6 different variants from the MyBlanket! Both our MyBlanket Winter (with fleece lining), as our MyBlanket Summer (with lightweight cotton-polyester interior) are available in 3 different sizes:

MyBlanket Winter: S-M, L-XL and Kids
MyBlanket Summer: S-M, L-XL and Kids

Thank you, Hedwige, for your comprehensive test as well as your extremely valuable feedback! 🫶

Always wanted to test a new product?

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