5 ideas for Mother's Day gifts in quarantine times

4 May 2020

Conjure a smile on mum's face
For the creative among us, finding an original gift is often a piece of cake. But for some, it is not so easy to come up with something original every time. Besides, giving gifts in quarantine times also requires some creativity. Shops are closed, you can't just visit your mum,... You name it. But don't panic, we are happy to help you with our tips!

Bright bouquet of flowers

Mother's Day gift bouquet of flowers

Very cliché, but this one always hits the mark! Everyone likes to have a nice bouquet of flowers. And your mum could really use some cheerfulness at this time of year. Add a nice message to it and that way, it will immediately add a personal touch! Here you will find online shops where you can order a bouquet of flowers:

Your own box of goodies

gift Mother's Day personalised biscuit tin

This gift is definitely among my favourites! You can personalise the box to your heart's content, for example, choose a nice photo of the two of you to put on it. Buy her favourite biscuits to fill the box with. Or even better, make it even more personal by baking your own. And when the biscuits are finished, your mum will still have this nice box to store things in. Great gift right! You can get a box like this personalised here: https://www.smartphoto.be/nl/fotogeschenken/koekjesdoos?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=origineel-moederdagcadeau

Personalised tapas board

Mother's Day gift personalised tapas board

Is your mum a real appetiser? Then a personalised tapas board is an ideal gift! Personalise it, for example, with the text "Of all the mums in the world, I'm glad you're mine, love (your name) or do you spontaneously get other ideas for fun texts? All possible, you can make it however you want!

On this website, for example, you can buy such a tapas board: https://www.smartphoto.be/nl/fotogeschenken/tapasplank?pvc=CuttingBoardWoodRound20&epc=&targetid=pla-802408006053&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiKbIiteI6QIVxeN3Ch0vOQZhEAQYASABEgKLVfD_BwE

"Oh no, the order won't arrive on time." Don't panic, we have found last-minute gifts for this too!

Fancy dinner at your place

Mother's Day gift fancy dinner

In times of quarantine, you obviously can't go out to restaurants with your mum yourself, but what you can do is bringing the restaurant to your home (In a manner of speaking, anyway). Many restaurants now offer takeaway, so you can do this with your mum's favourite dish. Then make it cosy with a nicely set table, her favourite music and her favourite drink and enjoy. Can't make it to her place? Then you can always order her favourite dish at her address too. Videocall then, for example during the aperitif, so you still have the feeling that you are really sitting with her!

A wonderful day of pampering

Mother's Day gift breakfast in bed

pamper day To pamper your mum. You can easily take care of that all by yourself. For example, start by making a nice breakfast. Choose her favourite food, bake fresh pancakes, serve some fresh fruit, freshly squeezed orange juice, ... Then you can go cycling with her, plan a nice trip in nature, to unwind together. And end the day by cooking for her and making her favourite dish. All that's left for her to do is slide her feet under the table! A pampering day often doesn't have to cost much to make it something fun.

Extra tip for mums with crutches or walkers

MySleeve Mother's Day gift

Does your mum walk with crutches or a walker? Then we have the perfect gift for her, the MySleeve. With our trendy add ons, your mum will no longer have sore hands and her crutches or walker will be pimped with a trendy colour. Delivery time is within 1 to 2 days, so those who are quick will have them before Sunday!

You can order the MySleeve at this link: https://myaddon.be/mysleeve/

See now you definitely have enough inspiration to surprise your mum on Mother's Day. Have fun picking out a gift and happy Mother's Day to all mums!


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