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There is a different type of crutch for every different ailment.
Accessibility in the fashion industry is not only in working with models or hairdressers with disabilities, but also in a lot of other little things.
Surgery can sometimes be terrifying. Am I going to be able to walk? Am I going to have to walk with crutches?
Walking on crutches is not always easy, especially if it is your first time, for example. Your crutches fall over or they hurt your hands. These tips will make walking on crutches just a little bit easier.
Crutches, some of us walk with them, have walked with them or may one day have to walk with them.
Charles recently had an accident at the gym in which a weight fell on his Achilles tendon. As a result, he had to walk on crutches for some time.
A few weeks ago, My Add On launched a win-win loan with the aim of raising 50,000 euros to boost its business. And you guys apparently didn't waste any time, because after only 2 weeks, we have already reached our set goal!
Inspired by his own children with autism, Tommy Hilfiger developed a unique clothing line for people with special needs
On Entrepreneur's Day, our founder Marie had an interview with politician Evita Willaert of Green.
We asked some of our users to share their experiences with the MySleeve for crutches with us.
Have you ever thought about the invention of the stool?
After 3 intensive years and having launched our first products on the market, we want to take the next big step with My Add On.