3 DIY tips for wheelchair users: corona edition

9 May 2020

Keep calm and do it yourself in your cubicle
Wheelchair users often belong to the high-risk group, and for their own safety it is best to go outside as little as possible. Are you also constantly trying to keep yourself busy during these corona times? And like me, have you binge-watched all your favourite Netflix series and don't know what to do anymore either? Well, then I have good news for you! Read on to find out 3 fun DIY (do it yourself) tips to keep you usefully occupied to fight boredom! Plus, these three tips are fully wheelchair-proof!


TIP 1) Green fingers
Plants radiate cosiness, something indispensable in your dorm room. I can already see you thinking: what do plants have to do with a DIY? Well, don't worry: I won't tell you how to buy a plant and put it on your table. We just go one step further, and one step more creative. Another bonus: if you like a tea party or a coffee break, this DIY will appeal to you even more! For this cool DIY, we plant succulents in... a teacup!

What do you need?

  • succulents
  • teacups + plates
  • potting soil

Not got everything? No worries! Order here everything you need. #ikkoopbelgisch Click here and discover step by step how to make your stateroom cosier with these tea cup plants!


DIY tips for wheelchair users


Tip 2) Trendy jewellery dishes
Are you as careless as me and suddenly find only one earring instead of two? Or can't remember where you put your ring either? With this easy DIY tip, you can make the perfect jars to put your jewellery in. They also look kei cool, and you choose how they look. Bring out your creative self when painting the jars!

What do you need?

  • Small bowl or jar that is the ideal size for you
  • Paint brushes
  • Clay
  • Paint
  • Pencil

Not got everything? No worries! Order here everything online you need. #ikkoopbelgisch Click here And discover how to turn an old dish into a trendy jewel jar!


jewel jar DIY tip


Tip 3) Fashionista with a mouth mask
This this tip could not be missed, of course. We hear it everywhere: mouth masks are hard to come by, but essential to protect yourself and soon they will even become the norm if we understood the government's presentation correctly. You can perfectly make your own mouth mask. Better yourself: you can choose your own cool pattern. That way, you protect yourself and others, and look like a real fashionista!

What do you need?

  • Fabric (e.g. from a kitchen towel), preferably in 2 different colours so you can recognise the outside and inside.
  • 100 cm ribbon
  • Sewing thread
  • Fabric cutter
  • Sewing machine
  • Filter material of 17 x 13 cm (e.g. paper handkerchief or piece of a hoover bag)

Not got everything? No worries! Order here online everything you need. #ikkoopbelgisch Click here To find out exactly how making your own mouth mask works!


Make your own mouth mask


Pssst... Like me, are you not a handy Harry with sewing? Click here And learn more about making your own mouth mask without sewing!

#National Sewing Action
Can't get enough of stitching and sewing? Would you like to help others? Then join the National Sewing Campaign with Lieven Scheire! Help fight the coronavirus, and make as many mouth masks as you can. You can donate these to others who do not own a mouth mask and cannot make them themselves. This way, you won't be bored in your dorm, and you'll be helping others. So there are only advantages!

You can read more about the #National Sewing Action here.


And now... Do it yourself!
"Easy peasy lemon squeezy", this is what you will immediately think after trying out our DIY tips. Surely these tips will keep you busy for a while, and before you know it, you will have spent a full day or more without getting bored! Do you also have some DIY tips to survive this corona time? Or have you tried our DIY tips? Then be sure to share your end result in the comments, we love reading it!

Note: All webshops used are Belgian shops: buy Belgian! Stay safe & healthy!

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