About us


Marie Van den Broeck

CEO & Improver

Strategy, Product Design & Marketing

Hans Versmissen

CFO & Sales Director

Strategy, Finances & Sales

Johan De Vits

Sales Manager


Bart Van den Eynde

Creative mind & business expert

Mentor since the very beginning

Harry Demey

Marketing expert

Mentor since the very beginning

Over My Add On

My Add On pimps crutches and wheelchairs! Not only to make them more beautiful, but also more comfortable and practical.


By developing universal add-ons that fit onto all kinds of crutches, wheelchairs, walkers, etc.



Efficient assembly and optimal comfort are guaranteed


All add-ons fit on your own crutch, wheelchair or walker


You can be your unique self, regardless of your disability

User-centered service

Customer friendliness is our main concern
Mission, Vision, Ambition


Eliminating frustrations about crutches and wheelchairs. How? With nice and handy add-ons


With our user-centered approach, My Add On is always accessible to users who have a problem, whether with their mobility aid or in general.


With a strong focus on the needs of our user, it is important that not only product needs are met, but also issues such as accessibility and social inclusion.

Our story and how it all began
Origin of My Add On

Crutches and wheelchairs haven't changed much since many years. This is weird because they’re usually neither comfortable nor beautiful.
Marie, the inventor, heard her grandmother complaining about how much her hands hurt after using crutches and how often they fall down.

The MySleeve was later developed as part of the Small Business Plan for Industrial Engineering Design at the University of Ghent Campus in Kortrijk.

Due to the many awards and positive feedback, My Add On did not remain a school project but developed into an innovative design company for the Health sector.