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What does the MySleeve do?


No more painful hands!

The MySleeve contains a gel patch that distributes the pressure points of the hand evenly and protects your palms from severe pain


No more falling crutches!

The MySleeve has a magnet on top so that both crutches click against each other and you can quickly free your hands by leaning them against your body, a wall, a table, and so on.


No more slipping due to sweaty hands!

The surface of the sleeve is covered with micro webs that allow the hand to breathe. The material is skin-friendly and latex-free.


Easy to clean!

Thanks to its dirt-repellent silicone, the MySleeve is clean in no time at all.


Pick up your crutch!

Did you still drop a crutch before they were clicked together? No problem, just pick up the other crutch with the magnet!


Disassembly without traces!

The MySleeve can be installed on both new and older crutches and it leaves no trace when the MySleeve is removed.

How can I use the magnets?



Tom Verstaen

My grandmother is very satisfied with her gift! Now she can always deposit her crutches close to her. The handles of the stools feel super soft! This is definitely recommended!

Adriaan Theys

A week after the tear of my Achilles tendon I was already able to use MySleeve. In fact, this solution should be standard when renting crutches. It gives my crutch softer handles and a better grip, different support benefits thanks to the magnets and it also looks cool too!

Govert Koppers

vlak voor de vakantie MySleeves binnen gekregen. Werkelijk fantastisch, veel gewandeld met warm weer, geen blaar gehad!!

ik heb tot nu toe van alles geprobeerd, van sporttape, Kinetische tape op mijn handen tot crossfit handschoentjes, niets hielp tegen blaren, de MySleeves wel!!

Naomi Rouges

Thanks to the MySleeves i have used my crutches more often, despite my EDS. I don’t have sore hands anymore! I use them for quiet some time now, with silversplints, and they still look brand new. They do what they must do: protecting my hands from the hard and painful handles and there’s no  skin form my fingers that gets stuck between the silversplints and the crutches. So no more blisters for me! I recommend the MySleeves to anyone who uses crutches !

Koen Vercauteren

Finally a solution for my painful hands !!
Thank you My Add On!


After waiting for a long time before they were being sold, I was finally able to get them into my house and I immediately placed them onto my crutches and discovered the room with them. Where I once had pain in my hands after stepping a little bit. Nowadays, I can walk alongside the sea  without having any trouble at all. Not even after a whole day of walking, with the required rest ofcourse. It felt very comfortable to walk,  I thought I stepped on cushions!
So I am super happy with it!

Gwen Bielen

What a bliss for my hands!
The magnets are really a luxury, both for holding the crutches together and picking them up when there is another one 😀
Super fast delivery!
Thank you and good luck!

Fabrice Guillermin

Finally a company that thinks of the comfort of everyone!
Keep on going like this and i’m already excited about your new products!

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